Are you interested in getting to know other women in science and engineering?

Connections is a new initiative of URWISE. Our goal is to help you connect with women in various areas and stages of science and engineering careers (i.e. women you might not get a chance to interact with in your day-to-day university life). This is a chance to mentor, be mentored, or simply make new friends.

How it works

Each group will have one or two coordinators who will contact group participants early in the semester and organize an initial get together. After the initial meeting each group will plan together how often to meet and what kinds of activities they want to do. We have a few suggestions below but we do not feel limited by these (and please let us know if you have any good ideas).

How to sign up

If you wish to be assigned to a Connections group, please fill in this form and we will place you in a small group (4 - 8 other women).

Ideas for Connections groups

On Campus

  • go for coffee at every coffee place on campus
  • do a tour of the library
  • go visit someone's lab
  • go to the astronomy lab and use the telescopes
  • do some exam prep or trade old exams
  • have picnic on the green
  • check out the gym/pool
  • go for a walk
  • go drink beer at the Owl
  • go to a seminar
  • write an article for the student paper
  • work on scholarship applications
  • organize an outreach activity for high schools or elementary schools
  • play board games in The Pit
  • attend a U of R drama production
  • take in an art show at 5th Parallel Gallery
  • Your idea here!

Off Campus